Introduction to Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Established under Decision No. 568/QD-HT CDKTKTNA dated 6/6/2005,  Faculty of Agriculture-Forestry-Fisheryis a specialized unit of Nghe An University of Economics

The Faculty operates under the regulations of Nghe An University of Economicsto perform the following functions:

- Assisting the Rector in formulating the University’s strategies and policies

- Trainingundergraduate, postgraduate and other short-term courses; 

- Implementing and organizing scientific events and service activities;

- Cooperating in training and other educational activities assigned by the Rector. 

- Performing tasks relating to employee management and employment

- Seeking job opportunities for graduates.

With nearly 20 years of construction and development, Faculty of Agriculture-Forestry-Fisheryhas achieved remarkable achievements in training, scientific eventsand service activities: 

Organizational structure

Curently, the faculty consists 7 doctors, 1 PhD student, 13 masters of science and 2 bachelors

The falcuty consists of 4 departments and  laboratories

Department of Veterinary

Department ofagriculture and forestry

Department ofHi-tech agriculture

Department of land management



  • Modern and spacious study halls and Dormitory

  • Large campus with 7 laboratories and 3 machinary rooms

  • 02 big farms for regular experimental activities

Scientific research:

- Organizing conferences at national and international level

- Conducting researches

- Instructing students in doing researches

Job opportunity and training coopreation

- 100% graduates are employed with the salary from 6-30 million VND in well-known groups or company or agencies or research institutions such as: Green Feeed Vietnam, Marphavet, TH-TrueMilk, ANOVA TECH, Hope Nghe An, real esate company, National parks, Forestry management company,

- producing on-the-job trainee programmes in developed agricultural countries such as:Japan, Korea, Israel with the salary of 1000-3000 USD


Mr Nguyễn Công Trường –The Dean of Faculty - Telephone: 0915.642.577

Mr Nguyễn Vũ Bình  -The Academic Secretary- Telephone: 0942.059.239

           Facebook, Zalo: Nguyễn Vũ Bình



Second floor, Building B, Nghe An University of Economics


Tel: 02383.522417


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